What it will take for the public to see ADN as not a Twitter Clone

Thursday, February 28, 2013 – 41 views

— by pictor

By times I get to chatting with people about why Twitter is not a Twitter clone. I find some of the things people say are not really adequate to prove the point.

To see the real potential of ADN, we will need to see it lift away from it's alpha.app.net roots. It has to move away from being a site, a social feed, a service hosted at a specific URL, and move towards a backbone that powers other services, and more than just powering a service, but simultaneously powering multiple compatible services.

Picture the longposts.com site (this one). It's a great concept, a great start. Here, we are doing something that truly can't be done on Twitter. Here, ADN data is embedded, with replies and feedback, on an external site, such that the ADN source can be entirely ignored, it conceptually looks utterly transparent. Of course, there is a lot it is possibly missing (replying from the site itself, uploading attachments to include in posts, etc...), but that may come in time. The infancy of the site is not the point though, the potential of what it represents is the point.

To really seal the deal though, to really be a case study of what ADN could be, I think there needs to be one competing service. Imagine if you will...

No longer would you be trapped in a service. No longer are you stuck because all your data is on site 1, but site 2 has a nicer feature set. Sites would now compete on the strength of their own feature set and usability. They can't trap you, they can just strive to be good enough to keep you, and hopefully, convince you to shell out a few bucks to use their lovely, well designed site, as your favourite way to push data into that (ideally) invisible backbone.

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