Desparation and disperation

Thursday, February 28, 2013 – 59 views

— by lstacey is much more than just a Twitter clone. It's more of an open messaging platform disguised as a social network. The API is huge and very flexible, giving developers the ability to do almost anything they like with the platform. In fact I'm using an API app right now to write this.

While this is all great news for the community and the world at large, it does leave us with a slight problem. There isn't the nice unified user experience that we've become accustomed to with the likes of Twitter and Facebook. It almost makes sense now as to why Twitter keep introducing new restrictions. Imagine having a Twitter client with no direct message facility... Well, that's precisely what I have on right now. My mobile client is missing a number of features that other clients, web based or standalone can offer.

I'm definitely an advocate for freedom and fully encourage any application that pushes the boundaries of the framework but will average Joe understand it? Sadly, we will need Joe to take this beyond a cult.

Just some thoughts... and an excuse to try out this blogging app!

If anyone happens to read this, I'd be really grateful for some opinions. Thanks in advance.

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