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I am not a myth by Jennifer Brehm (pfenya)) on 500px.com
I am not a myth by Jennifer Brehm

Every two years there is a lighting expo in Frankfurt and in the evenings they have light installations all throughout the city while that expo lasts to combine lights and art. some of the lighting installations are made by international artists but a lot are also from students of the local design university. I usually go to the installations in the Palmengarten, which is the botanical garden in Frankfurt where they usually have tons of different installations throughout the garden. You can find more of my images from that here

Among the structures in the garden is also an open air theater and this year they used it for a light installation with different images superimposed on the screen timed to music. some of the changes were very fast, some very slow. Since it was the middle of the night i had a hard time getting a good shot - that image has an exposure time of 20 seconds. I only got two images that were really clear. the one above and this one:

another one

But the image at the top is clearly the one that is more interesting and appealing. The woman in the photo is Marlene Dietrich, a german actress who had a Hollywood career in the 1930s and just has very striking features (she was also a pretty interesting singer).

Marlene Dietrich

So the image is basically one of her face enhanced into an artwork that was thankfully long enough on the screen that i was able get a good photo of it.

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