A quick guide to using ADN for free

Thursday, January 31, 2013 – 47 views

— by nitinkhanna

In general, you can just spend $5 and be a part of this community for at least a month. But if you're not interested in paying up, here's an easy way to access ADN for free.

  1. You can browse global without logging in, just open Alpha.app.net in your browser
  2. you can download AlphaNet for iOS to quickly check on ADN when you're mobile
  3. And you can post to Global for free using http://freeposter.at

This is all quick and dirty, so I'd recommend that you just pay $5 and get in for some time to see if you like it here. But if you really can't (say you live in Asia, where $5 would mean a whole lot more, let alone $36), then just use this simple guide to access ADN.

Oh, and don't forget to send this to all your friends. They'll love it... Maybe they'll even join up!

Have fun!

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