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After my earlier chat with you guys, I wrote to Droplr and here was the response I received. Does that have any bearing on what is happening with image previews not showing at the moment? Or is this all stuff you guys new already?

Response from: Bruno de Carvalho

The reason why you don't get previews with custom domains is that the clients cannot recognize the URL's as media.

When you don’t use a custom domain, the links that Droplr produces are something like "". That "/i/" part of the URL is what tells clients that the drop is an image and thus they can hit a special endpoint to get a thumbnail (e.g. "" or "", go ahead and try it out).

Now, thumbnail generation is not immediate. That is, when you upload something, the thumbnails will be generated after the upload has finished. Typically, this takes less than 1 second but if you're streaming tweets and someone uploads from their mobile client, it's possible that you get the tweet before the thumbnail has been generated. However, if this happens, we serve a default image, not the full res image.

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