The #MidweekMug, 9 January 2013 (for #coffeelovers)

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The Midweek Mug

compiled by @benedictlloyd

#3: New Year's Edition

Author's note: Another delay, but here it is! I'm still drafting a longpost about my current situation so that's taking up a bit of my time as well. You'll see that soon enough...


Happy New Year, #coffeelovers! I hope that 2013 brings new challenges to face and new coffee shops to discover. Thus far I've been bringing you stories concerning coffee that interest me. Some of those stories have been by ADN users which is awesome. I'm hoping that fellow #coffeelovers will try pointing me to different stories to share with the rest of the group. Feel free to contact me on Omega with ideas!

Also, we have a new user, @jasoncoffee, who is the founder of Coffee Cup News. I'll do my best from now on not to repost any of the stories his website covers!

If I may, I'd like to share my personal New Year's resolution. I've had a turbulent last couple of years and I certainly haven't been the best person I could have been. As I move forward in my life I have two main goals. The first is to remain humble. No matter where I end up in life, I want to be able to recognize the little things that are done for me or around me. My second goal is to become a better person all-around. I hope that I can recognize the flaws my good friends have been pointing out over the past couple years and correct them as best as I can.

With the arrival of the New Year, there's no reason not to make some resolutions surrounding your favorite drinks! Here are two articles in which the authors discuss coffee resolutions. I quite like the year-in-review style of the first article in which the author highlights the best coffees of his year as well as introduces some awesome coffee people he met that year. It's something I could see myself doing in the coming years, certainly!

If you needed more suggestions for coffees to try this year, I found an interesting and extensive list of great coffees one blogger tried over the past year. And if you find yourself in London, I hope you remember this article from The Independent offering a list of the fifty (that's 5-0) coffee shops to visit while in the city. Never be short of places to go or coffees to drink, I say!

Perhaps it's better that I waited to post the #midweekmug this time around because while I was away, there was an interesting two parter about caffeine that came out. Both part one and part two, written by Bryan Alexander, chronicles his caffeine habit and the subsequent "year without caffeine," as per doctor's orders.

We all love coffee and tea here, but sometimes enough is enough. If any of you feel like you could do with a year of little to no caffeine, perhaps these articles will be the material you can fall back on if your confidence wavers.

So I'm sure there are plenty of designers here on ADN. I've been picking up some cool coffee related art on my radar and I've been itching to share some of it with you!

First up is a large grouping of designs for coffee logos, 70 in all! Looking at all these designs makes me want to open up my own coffee shop just to have a slick logo like one of these. Pick your favorite!

Second, a Japanese artist named Tomoko Shintani uses Starbucks cups in an interesting way for her art! For any of you who like to pen in little notebooks as you sip, why not take a page from her book and incorporate your cups into your art?

Finally I have an architecture story about a really cool Starbucks in Japan's Fukuoka prefecture (again from Japan, notice a pattern?) It almost looks like an optical illusion when viewed from the outside in. It might just be another Starbucks, but this is one that I'll surely visit if only to say I was able to!

And I end this edition with a great article about simply making coffee. I love this feature from The New York Times because it's almost becoming a dream for me. I want to be one of those craft coffee roasters or skilled barristas that people wish to have their coffee made by. Perhaps one year down the line, my resolution will be to drop everything and learn what it really means to roast, brew, and taste a cup of coffee.

Okay #coffeelovers, let's work to make 2013 a delightfully caffeinated year on ADN. That means more members, more pictures, more links, and more coffee chatter! We have to be a friendly engaging community! I'm very happy that #coffeelovers has come as far as it has, but let's make it bigger!

Happiest of happy New Years to all of you! See you all on ADN!

~ Benedict

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