The #MidweekMug, 26 December 2012 (for #coffeelovers)

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The Midweek Mug

compiled by @benedictlloyd

#2 Holiday Blend Edition:

Author's notes: Sorry I'm a bit late with this one, but it's the holidays! Wednesdays don't matter much when it's holiday season!


Hello hello again all of you #coffeelovers out there! I want to start off by wishing each and every one of you a happy holiday! I hope that all of you received some amazing gifts or at least had a chance to spend some time with loves ones or friends. It's a special time of year. A time of year that coffee shops the world over capitalize on. With our waistlines a bit bigger and our wallets a but thinner from all the gift-giving and festivities, there's a choice to be made. What holiday beverage will I indulge in? Shine from Yahoo! lists the best and worst holiday offerings from several popular chains. While some of the chains may not be available worldwide, calorie-counting is an important part of the post-holiday season. Take heed and note the suggestions made by the article, they will help you with you're impending New Year's resolution!

What gifts did you get this season? Were they coffee related? I got my uncle's manual coffee grinder and I can't wait to dial it in and test it out on the Aerobie Aeropress I'll be sure to order in the near future. If you have some cash to burn and you'd like to buy a gift or two, whether it be for yourself or a friend, I have two interesting coffee-related suggestions for you!

Coffee and cigarettes go together like apple pie and ice cream, peanut butter and jelly, or milk and cookies. If you smoke, that is. I don't, I just know many people feel that way! Keeping that in mind, I saw a super cool demitasse that will combine your two passion, you coffee-drinking cigarette-smoking cool person, you!

If cigarettes aren't your bag, how about cameras? Leica, the popular camera manufacturer from Germany, is giving #coffeelovers who enjoy cameras the perfect way to express their shared love of caffeine and photography. Two mugs have been made to appear similar to models of camera produced by Leica. If not for you, then why not for the photog in your life?

Of course, not everyone can be so fortunate during the most generous time of the year. We should certainly be thinking of those less fortunate as well. In the coffee world, a certain country that I'm very invested in has gotten the short end of the stick (as far as coffee portions at Starbucks are concerned). The coffee giant's branch in the Land of the Rising Sun has made a controversial decision on how much coffee goes in their customers' cups. At the price a cup of coffee goes these days (especially in the most expensive cities in the world), you could imagine the opinions flying about.

Speaking of the coffee behemoth, Starbucks had a "cheery" holiday campaign that backfired (hilariously) in the UK. I wasn't aware of this, and I'd certainly be unaware of how it is in the US, but apparently the UK Starbucks doesn't pay taxes. Coffee drinkers took over the Twitter campaign intended to promote good will and announced their displeasure with the international chain. Why can't we all just get along?

... wait, how much are they charging? Oh. I see.

And of course how could I not mention the fantastic #coffeelovers-worthy article featured in Marco Arment's The Magazine? It's a wonderful retrospective and examination on the topic of espresso and how there is "no other kind" of coffee when you refer to it.

If you can afford a subscription to The Magazine I would highly suggest it! I enjoy each issue thoroughly. Consider it as a possible gift request for New Year's... what? It's a perfectly acceptable notion!

'Twas the day after Christmas and sitting in my bed, I tap-tap'd away on my trust iPad.

For a new #midweekmug must surely be posted in the middle of the week when it's needed... most..ed.

Oh well, I gave it my best shot.

Happy Holidays from your fellow #coffeelovers member here in Ohio, US.

And here's to a happy New Year. May it be filled with ADN fun and caffeine galore!

~ Benedict

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