Open-sourcing LongPosts!

Thursday, December 20, 2012 – 320 views

— by jazzychad

I have decided to open-source the code for LongPosts.

Here is the code:

LongPosts started out as "adnblogs" at the ADN Weekend Hackathon in October 2012. It was well received, and several posts were made over the next few days. Then usage started to slow down. I added some new features (such as replies as comment threads), but I didn't have time to carry on updating the code as frequently as I would have liked.

On November 16 I decided I needed to step back from all of my side-projects to focus on my work/life balance as explained in my post My Plans Moving Forward.

I haven't touched the code since then. However, a surprising thing happened. People kept using LongPosts! Some amazing posts and stories have been written and shared around the web.

So, in order to foster further development and expansion of LongPosts, I have decided to open-source it and let other developers help make it a better place. I want to take a more collaborative approach (something I haven't done in any of my side-projects before; they have all been solo endeavors).

I probably won't be contributing much code myself, but I am willing to act as gatekeeper for the project. I will do code reviews and keep the service running and updated when new patches come in. I know there are several ADN devs and users that are passionate about blogging and long-form writing, and hopefully this will provide a way to carry LongPosts forward.

That said, if there is anyone out there that is super passionate about completely taking over LongPosts and being entirely responsible for its well-being, drop me a line. I want to do what's best for the community with this project.

My apologies in advance for the current code quality. It is not up to my normal standard, but keep in mind it was done during a hackathon, so terrible code is a twisted badge of honor. Feel free to clean/rewrite any portion you choose.

Merry Christmas, ADN. I hope this is a worthy gift :)

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