The #MidweekMug, 19 December 2012 (for #coffeelovers)

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The Midweek Mug

compiled by @benedictlloyd

#1 The Apocalypse Edition:

Author's notes: I was going to name this first edition of the Midweek Mug (as I have coined it, please suggest other names in the title if you wish!) The Aperkalypse Edition, but I decided to spare you all my horrible knack of using puns. I recommend having a bit of time to explore while reading this post. Take a seat with your smartphone or tablet, have a nice cup of your favorite caffeinated beverage and be prepared to click on links for some healthy and hopefully enlightening reads apart from my own musings! Most of all, enjoy!
Without further ado, welcome and thank you for joining me on my first "professional" venture on ADN!

Let's jump right in. Grave news, everyone: the Mayan's kinda sorta predicted, not really though, that the apocalypse will occur on the 21st of December in the year 2012. That's on Friday! We have much to worry about before then, such as the coffee we all want to drink before then.

Luckily, The Atlantic offered a fascinating report that makes a case for drinking as much coffee as we want! Take that, apocalypse! Of course there are studies that claim drinking too much coffee can be detrimental to one's health but as fellow #coffeelovers I'm sure you, like me, choose to ignore those types of articles. I've shared this article before on ADN but I knew that I had to include it in this first post. Anyone who loves coffee will surely benefit from reading it. Go ahead, boost your ego and indulge when you can, what since the world is ending soon and all!

In other news, did you hear about the Star Wars franchise was purchased by Disney recently? It's true. They're planning on releasing new movies in the future as well. Wow. Cool. What does this have to do with coffee, you ask? Well let me start with this: if you know anything about me, you know I'm interested in Japan. I've learned the language for quite a while and actually spent a year the during my time at university. I plan on going back in the spring to start my career as an English teacher abroad. That being said, do you know how huge Disney is in Japan? Big. Like, Death Star big.

So imagine my surprise when I came across this post the other day. HOLY SHIT GUYS. I chuckle to myself now imagining myself, someone who's worked as a barrista for nearly nine years on and off, working at Tokyo Disneyland. Dressed as Boba Fett. Blending up Frappuccinos. Oh boy, do I hate Frappuccinos.

What's to come of Star Wars' Disney-fication? Will Boba Fett ever master free-pouring cappuccinos? Who in the Star Wars universe has the best nose for cupping? I submit that Watto does. Hmm...

Speaking of Japan, do I have a treat for you. A destination for any coffee lover, indeed! I came across an article detailing a very, very high-end coffee bar located in Tokyo, Irukaya Coffee Shop.

Because the rules are so intriguing, I'll post them here for anyone who can't be bothered to click through to the original article. They are as follows:

  • Please refrain from lingering on one order--order again within 1 hour
  • No groups larger than two (2) people
  • No pictures
  • No smoking
  • No mobile phones
  • No take-away
  • No children
  • Reservations only during open hours
  • Rule breakers are asked to leave

Like, wow. As much as it seems to be a strict atmosphere, the process of coffee creation and serving detailed in the article seems to me to be a once-in-a-while, if not a once-in-a-lifetime, experience. Needless to say, it's on my bucket list. Will it make it onto yours?

Now let's assume that the world doesn't end on the 21st. What then? Christmas, that's what. Whether or not you're a Christian, we all have a right or reason to give and receive gifts to celebrate the season. I'm not religious, but I like to let my friends know that I care.

So what to get a member of (or a deserved member of) #coffeelovers as a gift? Since I don't have much to do outside of work since I'm finished with school, I'm hoping to read and write more. I'm writing The Midweek Mug for now, but how about reading? The New York Times' "T Magazine" offers some great ideas for books to give to you caffeinated loved ones!

Going along with a theme in this post, I'd very much appreciate the book on Japan's coffee culture. Maybe next year I'll try to jump on the #ADNSecretSanta bandwagon and find another coffee book like the ones offered to ask for! (Disclaimer: I have yet to find out how #ADNSecretSanta works. Didn't read that blog post. Forgive my ignorance, guys!)

Books are great gifts for the holidays. I know that I'd really appreciate a good coffee-themed coffee-table book. Or a good coffee-table. Or hell, a good coffee. I'm fairly easy to please when it comes to coffee.

I'd like to finish our first Midweek Mug with a user post! Fellow #coffeelovers member @dubh posted a very cool blog post/how-to on Chemex coffee. It's a cool read, especially if you're like me and you hadn't looked into the Chemex method of coffee-making before! The how-to is particularly helpful, with step-by-step photos and specific instructions to ensure that you do it right the first time. Anyone can do it, I can honestly say!

Big thanks for sharing that with the world, @dubh! I know that when I get deeper into the whole thing, I'll get my own Chemex per your suggestion.

I guess I'll call it a day! How was it? What did you like? What didn't you like? Which feature was most interesting? I'm very excited to hear everyone's input! I'm interested in giving all #coffeelovers a bit of light reading during the toughest day of the week. As you can see, I'm more than happy to include any work of yours if you write on coffee. If you have pictures to post, I'll be sure to include those as well so that we can have a place to turn to that features all of our little works of art.

This is for you guys. I wouldn't do it without you all! So help me make it something we can all look forward to and that I can enjoy doing!

If you're a dev, I have literally NO developing experience. If you're interested in creating something for our benefit, please let me know! I'd like to be a part of that process as much as possible.

Whatever the input or suggestion, you can reach out to me at any time!

Thank you again for joining me for the (perhaps tentatively  named) Midweek Mug! Happy holidays and tune in for the next edition on the day after Christmas! (Send me some ideas for that edition's name!)

See you all on ADN!

~ Benedict (@benedictlloyd)

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