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Sunday, December 16, 2012 – 35 views

— by _d_

Hi all so I posted my idea this morning about setting up a weekly chat for new users to help make the experience of ADN less daunting for people. Going from my own experiences and never really used twitter before I was very overwhelmed at first and if it was for @po @sham and @yoda I may not have stuck with ADN and to be honest I am still getting my head around things now. My basic idea is this a page or link to an existing page that has an explanation of posts threads followers etc. the other side to this is a weekly chat or severally daily the timing is still undecided to help users that are new live with questions or queries they may have. So far the ADN community is great but scary to start with as there are so many knowledgeable people here. I want to help others take advantage of that and grow ADN to an even greater community than it is now. I would also like to be able for users to ask debate and request features they would like on ADN to help them and hopefully work closely with the ADN development team, developers and general ADN users to make this a great experience for those new comers. All ideas are open so please feel free to put yours forward anyone looking to help or anyone with ideas on what they think would help make this a good experience please feel free to contact myself or reply I am open to all. As I am not a developer myself I know little about what possibilities are available to integrate all of this with ADN. So those that do please if you have time your help would be greatly appreciated. It is my belief that ADN will soon be at the point where more regular users begin to join this wonderful community and I would like to make this ready for that time and ensure that when it does reach this point it stays the friendly intelligent open place it is today

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