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Sunday, December 16, 2012 – 132 views

— by alicia

'I am a sinner. Who's probably goin sin again. LAWD FAWGIVE MEH. THINGS I DON'T UNDERSTAND.' - @ideadbaby

'There is never a regret so consummate as a desire ignored.' - @la

'The worst part of a strict diet is the part where you nearly lose consciousness in the 24 hour gap between meals.' - @katoi

'Jeff Tweedy could record an album of armpit farts and I'd buy it, and enjoy it.' - @koo

'6 DAYS REMAIN on the NEVER Kickstarter. Pass it on! Pass it around! Pass it down! Just DO NOT PASS THIS UP. (Isn't that clever? I'm so clever. Like used-car salesman level clever.)' - @andrewschmidt

'It's never too late to start, which is why I'm putting it off till tomorrow.' - @bashfulpixie

'The day always flies by when you wish it would come to a standstill.' - @little

'I waffle between hoping life disabuses the self-important of their delusions and praying they can continue to be blissfully ignorant.' - @mailman1175

'Accessibility isn't just about screen readers though ... there are sensory disabilities, motor disabilities, cognitive disabilities. Designers: Remember we are all only temporarily abled. When you make it accessible to others, you make it for your future self.' - @nickrosencrans

'Bacon battle? Good morning.' - @keizo

'You'll only regret paying more for the best once. You'll regret paying less for mediocre over and over.' - @jiva

'Before he dies, I think it's high time the International Bureau of Weights and Measures starts defining tan levels in units of Hamiltons.' - @paulkruczynski

'Man I've had some exhilarating conversations on ADN today. Let's go over some topics: Flogging Terrorism UTE's Madonna's crotch Men's shaved legs Bulletboys Balut Diniguan Boston Tea Party Great day! Thanks to all.' - @ronnie

'My favorite customer reply of the month: ''It worked! I love you Jason! In a non-creepy 'you salvaged my day' kinda way!"' - @longstride

'Cardio is overrated. Sloth works more efficiently.' - @franksting

'Is anybody else starting to get the feeling that the Internet is simply becoming like TV, where we just channel surf different sites/apps all day until bed?' - @levi

'The concentration of stupid in Target right now could tear a hole in the fabric of intelligent society.' - @sean

'LinkedIn Network Updates: SoAndSo had added a new buzzword to their skills making them look more idiotic. Thingummy Bob has endorsed you, despite never working with you. Ever. In fact you've never met. Whoja Maflip is now connected to Whats Isname.' - @kosso

'I have no skill myself. More just interested in the awesome things people make. As a software developer, I have an envy for people who actually make real physical stuff. Everything I make can only be glimpsed as a shadow on the screen.' - @duerig

'You guys are much better than the old voices in my head.' - @aarondowd

'In my mind ADN misses the boat on one front, the voice of revolution. Revolutionaries take to Twitter to alert the world of toppled dictators, crimes against humanity, etc. ADN cannot be their outlet not because of numbers but because of availability.' - @jaison

'Recently coming back here has felt a little bit like visiting my grandmother in hospital. I like her, I'd like to see her make it, but we all know it's just a matter of time.' - @zephyr

'Facebook highlights the fact that we share periods of our lives with people with whom we later have nothing in common. Never hearing from those people again is only natural. For everything else, there's email, and active communication.' - @dbasch

'For general advice, help I can. For dev advice, utterly useless I am.' - @yoda

'Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me ... Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.' - @kcarruthers

'Note to self: Next time, don't leave car turn signal on for 2 weeks.' - @barmstrong

'I create the feeling that keep em coming back.' - @parker

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