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I've been mulling over ideas in my mind as to how to make #coffeelovers a community that people would want to join. As much as I have a passion for coffee, I'd would love if people could feed off of my enthusiasm. To that end, I'm wondering if I should follow in the footsteps of one of my favorite ADN communities (groups? activists?)... #MondayNightDanceParty.

My idea is to take a day (as #MNDP does) and make that day one that all in the community look forward to in one way or another. To that end, I've come up with a preliminary idea; it's the first idea to get #coffeelovers on its own two legs.

Mondays are awful. We all have the blues on Monday. The weekend has just ended and the next weekend is ever so far away. But what about Monday's obnoxious little brother, Wednesday. The middle of the week, when fatigue is bearing down on us all and many of those who would consider themselves #coffeelovers would need that extra cup or two. It is on this most dreadful day that I plan to post my top coffee stories of the week!

I'm an avid reader of coffee news. From the recent shortages to the crazy awesome caf├ęs that many of us will never get to indulge in (unless we travel far and wide), I love to read up on coffee-related things. That is why I'm going to do my best to aggregate the most interesting coffee news I can muster every Wednesday and post it all here on longpost for all of ADN to read (given that it catches their attention in the zippy global feed)!

I'm sure it will be only myself finding these stories at first but my desire is that as the #coffeelovers communities grows, so will the inclination to share more and more stories with our community new and interesting stories about our very own black gold. When that day comes I can just browse our community's hashtag and pick the best stories I find outside of my own pursuing.

Is this overly ambitious? Can I commit to posting enough stories or finding stories that others would find interesting enough to take time out of their day (hopefully while they're sipping on a cappuccino or an Americano) and read? I can only hope. I can also hope that conversations will spring up based on these article and the #coffeelovers community can be its own Wednesday support group.

The middle of the week can be treacherous. Crummy. Downright nasty. However, I'm hoping that Wednesday can be our day to look forward to as #coffeelovers.

So I implore you. If you find a cool article, picture, opinion, study, or anything having to do with coffee, post it with the #coffeelovers hashtag. As I said, it will be slow goings at first. But I'm positive that if I can look forward to the Wednesdays of the world from today on, then so can you!!

Be sure to follow our hashtag (if you can) or put that you're a fellow member of #coffeelovers in your bio! Don't be afraid to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions!

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