An Appeal to Cross Posters using @IFTTT

Friday, December 14, 2012 – 80 views

— by nitinkhanna

Hi all,

We've got a great community here at #Alpha and though we've got enough conversation to keep your mind's juices flowing, a lot of people prefer to use services like Buffer and IFTTT to cross post to Facebook and twitter. That's really their decision and we respect it.

But here's the thing. Buffer is a great way to schedule posts and spread them out properly. IFTTT, not so much. IFTTT is more like a cron job, it'll pull your tweets and post them on #Alpha by the bunch. Every day, I see 10 to 12 posts posted together by someone using IFTTT.

I have nothing against IFTTT, it's a great service and I use it for a lot of automated actions. But IFTTT is not Buffer and does not care the timing of your posts. Thus, I urge you all to stop using IFTTT and use Buffer instead. You'll be able to spread posts out and not spam us.

ADN's #Alpha is not like twitter. We have a Global page that shows us what everyone is up to. I follow 100 people on ADN but do not use "My Stream". I love Global and I hope you all will stop spamming it, 10 posts at a time.

The problem with me writing this here? Most of the cross posters don't even care. They don't check out #Alpha often enough to know that they're causing a problem. Thus, anyone who is reading this, if you know an IFTTT-poster, ping them and tell them to read this or to simply start using Buffer.

Thank you for reading.

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