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Who doesn't love coffee? Well, I know there are those of you who don't love coffee, I'm sorry for generalizing. Then again, why would you read this if you didn't love coffee? I digress.

It starts TODAY. 12-12-12, a day that will live in infamy (uh, not really). Today is the day I'm starting the push to bring coffee lovers together on ADN. The introduction of #coffeelovers.

I've had a few good coffee-related convos on ADN and I want to take that idea to the big leagues. As a few of you may know (very few), I graduated college just recently (yesterday, technically). I'll have plenty more time to devote to ADN and to the many great people who use it. With that time, I also plan to begin studying a few of my other passions. One of them, if it's not obvious already, is coffee.

So here we are. To all of you people who may or may not be interested, let it be known: #coffeelovers is a thing now.

We have but a few members at the moment but there are many, many developers, techies, office workers, parents, students, and human beings that make there way to ADN on a daily basis. And how many, might I inquire, start their day with a cup of coffee?

...that's what I thought.

So please, join in on the fun. Grab your favorite cup, mug, demitasse, tumbler, etc. You can find us on ADN.

#coffeelovers, UNITE!

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