The Corporate Email Signature

Tuesday, December 04, 2012 – 112 views

— by franksting

Your Name

Your Title which doesn't matter to me

Your Business Unit which I couldn't care about

Your Corporate entity which is sort of relevant

Your very long address which I'll never need to know

Your Phone number which I might need...

...but I also have your Mobile Number which is more valuable

Your email address, which I already have because you just mailed me

Your website, which Google could never had helped me find

Some pointless words about our corporate social responsibility or saving the environment by not printing this email out from the 90's even though by including all this unnecessary extra crap it's probably costing more electricity to display than an print out would.

Random stuff which the HR people think works as a good way of attracting talent

A very long legal statement which completely misunderstands the internet. Because if I delete it, then I've read it and am now doing something with it, so I broke your legalese anyway.

More legal stuff which is even more superfluous.

Even more legal stuff about the company this email is being sent from and who they might or might not be and which no one ever reads except the people who write posts like this one.

The non corporate email signature is in strong markup. Count the number of extraneous characters.

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