The world's worst kept secret is out!

Monday, December 03, 2012 – 353 views

— by alicia

I'm happy to announce that @adrianus and I are collaborating on the first report on ADN usage, growth and other stats.

'ADN by the Numbers' will cover activity recorded by Appnetizens from 3 August to 31 December 2012. Our target launch for the report is 15 January 2013.

I know the community has been staunchly against data gathering or profiling of any kind. Before you all run for the pitchforks and torches, I hope you'll read the rest of this post first.

I get why you're cynical. Heck, I'M cynical too. Social networks are turning into advertising vehicles selling their members' data. We are bombarded with marketing messages in every possible way. Genuine social interaction and connection has been transplanted by blatant selling in an increasingly shrill marketplace.

That's why ADN is such a breath of fresh air. It promises something else: An ad-free environment, where you own your data and developers could access a truly open API to create products and services. More signal to noise. Real conversations.

@dalton and his team have done a fantastic job of building interest and loyalty to ADN. In four short months we have 100 apps and nearly 29,000 signups. Although small, the sense of community is genuine and stronger than that of any other network.

So why make a report?

Because ADN needs to grow faster. It has to be profitable for developers. It has to be the network of choice for non-developers. Appnetizens recorded these sign-up numbers ever since ADN started:

August - 110

September - 1,444

October - 7,545

November - 1,623

December* - 110

*As of 3rd December

We know that ADN is great. Shouldn't the rest of the world know too?

The following are @adrianus and my objectives in producing 'ADN by the Numbers'.

A. Create the first published source of historical data on ADN. The information would be especially useful for:

• ADN. They are experimenting with different schemes to grow membership, the latest of which is the free trial

• Non-ADN members. They need convincing that ADN is not just a paid Twitter clone and represents value for money 

• Marketers. Oh no, marketers! Aren't they the spawn of Satan? Not necessarily. They need to study how different ADN is from any platform, and how they can use it effectively without contradicting ADN's mission and the community's values. Then they could be of help with the next objective:

B. Inspire ADN and the community to organise initiatives that can be both commercially viable yet philanthropic. #mondaynightdanceparty, #thememonday and #adnbookclub have all been labours of love. These can effect positive change through partnerships or sponsorships with brands, companies or charitable institutions consistent with our values.

C. Generate revenue for Appnetizens so it can continue being a free service for all.

D. Inspire developers to create products or services other than client apps that can be monetised and made profitable.

'ADN by the Numbers' is not affiliated with ADN in any way, shape or form. Any data contained in the report will come from Appnetizens alone. Your personal data remains yours.

The report will be sold online as a downloadable PDF document. Design will be done by a wonderful artist based in Chicago, @melissahamming. She just joined on Saturday, and is worth a follow!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for 'ADN by the Numbers', please do give @adrianus or me a shout. We'd be more than happy to chat – without the pitchforks preferably! Alcohol, on the other hand, would be very welcome :)

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