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Saturday, December 01, 2012 – 39 views

— by brbdc

These are some of the links I have collected since I joined during the crowd funding period. Most of these are tools or apps in the 3rd party directory.
* 1. Noodleapp. My favorite web app interface.
* 2. Buffer. A fairly decent webclient for submission to multiple Social Networks. The mobile apps are lacking but still accomplish the goal.
* 3. Quickapp. Second best webclient. URLs are not clickable for some reason!
* 4. Search. Best way to find people by topic, profile or posts.
* 5. Long Posts. This is composed using long posts. It feels like a basic variation of Posterous but integrated tightly with ADN.
* 6. Alpha ADN. This will go away someday or become super crippled but gets the point across.
* 7. AppDotNetStats. Doesnt seem to be working anymore.
* 8. Cheerio push notification service. Cross platform.
* 9. Private Messaging Demo.
* 10. Private Encrypted Threads.
* 11. Patter. Chat based off ADN.
* 12. Flamingo webclient. Similar to TweetDeck.

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