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Wednesday, November 28, 2012 – 40 views

— by 33mhz

I'm interested in working with developers to outsource everything but the original signup and payment w/Stripe. Devs who were interested would work their clients to allow this:

A user pays and chooses a name - the basics - on Then, walks them through a random client, possibly for each step. Or, when first signing on, would walk them through 3 random clients' experiences.

Option One: actually outsources each of the steps of writing in a Description, searching for related users, making their first post, etc. Some user-friendly first steps. After each step, the client would pop them off to a new client for the next step. could somehow be guiding this, with explanations to keep users from being blindsided by a new client.

Option Two: Alternatively, after the signup, could offer the new user to walk through three random clients. One of those could still be, and it could even be presented as a bit of a -- not even a default, but a Safety.

Developers would have to write a special mode for their client to do either of these, would have to code it all together, and their marketing should look over the experience to make it all jive, of course.

Even though the user would only see three clients, they would then understand that they have options and places to explore.

This would take work, and may be to large a project for anyone to add. Long-term, I understand the intention to drop, effectively doing this, and of course folks are already pointed to the index of clients. But a swishy, friendly walk-through would be good.

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