The power of music - final part

Sunday, November 25, 2012 – 23 views

— by sham

As if on cue, it happened after the band came back in for the encore, an were playing the last song. Like i said, it cant be more scripted than that

Umbrellas out. Ponchos worn. I had neither. So much for planning for the weather. So we did the next best thing...

We took shelter under the mat.

If you had to choose what kinda mats you wanna buy, always go waterproof ones. Because unlike the people around us, our heads were dry YAY!

The rain was coming down hard, i was having trouble even holding up the mat and the water seemed to jump up from the ground.

But what when you look up at the stage, you can see the refelctions of the lights against the falling droplets. and it was just...


We cant get enough. But it had to end. And when they came out, they received the tremendous applause that any legendary artists deserved

AND to make things even un-fucking-believable, the rain stopped when the band left t he stage. Show over, people looked around and just smiled at the awesome-ness of everything

It was a truly magical experience.

After Friday, all the memories that you had, all the stuff you wanted to do, all the dreams, seem to have been given a boost

That's what music can do for you.

Thats is why stuff like #MondayNightDanceParty and Vidcast accompanied by your friends are the things that really get people coming togther. There are differences in tastes definitely, but if the music works, the kind of inspiration that comes with it is priceless

And that was how i felt after the Sigur Ros concert. Until now, i'm talking about it. And i bet people are getting sick of me posting about it,

But this weekend has been just stupendous. i'm definitely going to the private screening of the video launch in dec, if i get selected. (i donno how they pick and choose, but taking a shot)

And why not, have an ADN meetup with people in Singapore. (Apparently tickets are sold out :( But there's an After party..)

Because we love our music.

And this power to attract, to make yourself want to be a better person, should always be shared. Truthfully, I'm happy to be sharing Sigur Ros in my hometown with you guys on ADN.

So thanks Jónsi, Georg, Kjartan and Orri for stopping by. You have made MANY people happy with your tunes.

This has been the best performance ever.


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