The power of music - part 2

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Alright where were we.. Oh ya.the waiting game… part one

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It's 8pm, and I'm waiting outside the gates of the big sloping field of fort canning. Just 20 bucks and you want me to miss out on the starting. okok Breathe. But as good things go, she arrived. Stuffed the cash into her hand and told her to HURRY UP already. (in the end, she managed she got in quick cos she found a fren in line. LOL

So i walk in through the gates, get screened in case people brought illegal fun i guess. Well as long as it won't spoil my fun inside. Got a call.

"Can you get us drinks as well?"

omg. seriously? Checked wallet. went to the stall. 15 bucks alcohol 5 coke. And a smallish cup at that. I should have brought a tumbler. But i can't. Then forgot that it's a Fri and usually you depend on the card late in the week. I gave away some to "charity" just now. And now i gottodig deep into the pockets.

NEVER throw away coins. It will save you in times of need.

I got what i needed. Sorry guys, some of you have to sober throughout.

BUT as a reward, the early recce team somehow managed to get great seats by the middle tent. Obviously it's packed. but this crowd is the biggest i'v seen at fort canning. So i'm not complaining. and they brought mats :)

The opening band was playing Oasis covers i think (or was it coldplay)... Anyway that means i am early. Alright mingle mingle with the people there

Seats for 4 with legroom. But more friends coming in. Flash handphone lights as a beacon. Squeeze Squeeze. And now there were 8. Plus some over the other side. But within sight.

Scout the surroundings. Alright Alright good mix of people. I think we'll have fun with the peo...


Goddamit! Why must there always be these crazy chicks (and dudes) who get drunk WAY TOO EARLY for a concert and start screaming nonsense.

Zone her out. This is Sigur Ros. Suddenly ....

zzzzzzzzzzzzzbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz /electronic sounds if that;s how you spell it.

9pm. On the dot. Typical one hour wait. They're on

And that continues for a good 15 minutes.. before the band steps onto the stage. Then pandemonium

we were thinkning what would be an awesome first song. And Lagid i Gær is an awesome choice.

This song is just crazy good. Chills. The lights. The sound. And suddenly his voice. Jonsi Nailed it.

When i first heard of Sigur Ros, i was puzzled as to which alien was singing this? It took me a while to get adjusted from rock and maybe some house to these kinds of music. This was out of this world. Literally.

And this song, Svefn-g-englar, is the epitome of songs that touch the soul


You have to take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath to soak in the magic.

I'm the kind of person who likes to pick up a few lyrics or two... and try to sing along. But this was different. i don;t know the words... but the sound...

And to see him sing THROUGH his guitar... that echoooo..... crazy......

I'm so impressed.

NEVER have i been to a concert this intense. And i didn't even need to dance or mosh. This was a surreal surreal experience. Everyone just stood rooted to the ground, totally mesmerised. Tears were rolling. Hugs between lovers and friends.

Because Sigur ros came at a time for me when things were a bit tough, and i listened to them, the whole album (had at least 4-5 i think. not enough to be a die hard, but all the songs i know were played.)

The feeling was unexplainable. Have never had that sort of experience at a concert, I have to admit. It's a "you just have to feel it yourself" situation. That is why i struggle to explain exactly what genre they are.

And then this song...

We were ALL singing to this. And....

I miss my grandma

This MTV is just heartbreaking. She passed on when i was just getting into the thick of things. very rough times. and this song brought back all the tears.


Oh why did you have to come here and play on my turf. This is criminal. Dammit

Love, that's all i can say. I have NEVER been this engaged in a concert. Omg


This is ridiculous. It's one of those things that you would have never have thought happened. I watched all the vids of past concerts, and i thought how lucky it was for them to have sigur ros play.

And then they came. And played this kind of music

Ultimate first song for a music album.

I learn a lot of things actually, about how to appreciate music. the ones that tug you at the heart, compels you to FEEL and stop thinking. Those are gems.

I know i know, im being an ultra fan boy here, but heck, this band actually has no comparison. Even if you wanted to cover them, you have to speak this made-up language (no joke)

The thing about SR is this: You don't have to listen to them umpteen number of times in order to just keep silent and listen

At this time, the clouds were getting thick. and moves quite rapidly. But still no rain, the leaves are swaying quite violently though.

The spotlights were shining at the cotton balls above them. This picture is so sigur ros, it's literally unbelievable to be in this setting listening to them now

But with all good things, things will only get better. Somehow the occasion requires it, that there has to be an added dimension to this occasion

The downpour happened.

Last part next

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