The power of music

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— by sham

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This is the power of music. I don't even have a slightest clue what he's saying.

Much less the title of the songs. But oh my god... this kind of music touches your soul

EVRY SINGLE INCH of your body starts to feel something

I look around yesterday and there all types of people around me all wanting to listen in to this strange music

Expats, locals, young, old, drunk, sober (LOL), the quiet ones, the boisterous ones. All stood in awe, and it was very magical


Peace sign. Very appropriate. I've been to quite a few concerts in my time, but i've never seen something so "Scripted" like this

Location: Old colonial area, on a hill. Yes with graves nearby (how appropriate right...)

After dinner (correction: I did NOT have dinner. Nor lunch), wind blowing and the clouds were red. Threats of rain. Long queue outside to get in. Getting nervous

Separated from the group cos someone needed 20 bucks to get in. Wait Wait Wait tick tock tick tock. Check batt life: 78%. Dammit

"Where the hell is she?" Man.. i can hear sounds from the stage... come onnnnnnnnnnn

To be continued...

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