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— by kajp

I'm running into something of a dilemma, and that's shown by my posting here rather than on my own blog.

The dilemma is that I've built something of a 'look' for myself around the Internet. I'm not well-known by any stretch of imagination, but I feel like I've almost created the 'brand of Kieran'. Of course, now I work closely with an actual branding expert and realise how much bullshit that really is, but I've got a look-and-feel that I like and that I've managed to keep somewhat consistent and relatively fresh, even a couple of years on.

Cases in point: * My personal site * My aforementioned blog * The design of my Twitter profile * Even the header image on my profile on alpha.app.net

But time moves on, things get stale, I get bored, and I become increasingly aware of the flaws in my site etc. and antsy as I want to make something 'better'. And something more in line with the look-and-feel of my company; something that says who I am as a web developer, not just something that's colourful.

And I think I really need to sit down and think about that, maybe even find some guidance.

Hell, maybe I even need to just try not procrastinating so much with trying out new services built on App.Net.

If nothing else, at least it's down on 'paper' now.

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