Come back Peter, come back Paul.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 – 57 views

— by sham

Guys, I'm rejoining Twitter. You can call it as if i'm on an ADN mission. Donno how long it will take though, but i will try :)

Suddenly it's so weird navigating my way into TT land again. It's like i came back home to a giant mess lol! Ok focus...

#1646605 /

It's so strange. Issit just me or is it more difficult to find what you want nowadays on the main site? Alright time to duplicate what i have on ADN with the new TT account. LOL totally opposite to the norm most def!

But i must say, allowing me to position my header is image and edit the size is a good one up for aesthetics. Credit where it's due. Now let's see...

Ok i should start following the people i miss talking to most on TT. Oh and some ADN people i know there already. You guys wanna ping me your Twitter handle so that, well, you'll know who i am? Maybe join in the mission impossible? hehe

I should ask the #CookieClub peeps then... Hey guys, who are you on Twitter? Can i follow you? Maybe private message if you don't want global to know? /netiquette ^^

I'm practically doing a #Twitter101 on how to build your networks...on ADN hahah!

Ok ok ok.. I decided to not point to who i am on Twitter, but I'm not hiding either. If you know your way around social media you SHOULD be able to find my handle. It's like a treasure hunt, look hard enough you will find me lol

So far Following 23 and i have two Awesome followers! Definitely know who they are :))

No spambots...yet. Hmmm.... what should i say.... what key words will get make the piranhas bite....

okok go mobile. i downloaded the official version but it's well... crap. BUT i will force myself to use it nonetheless. Will turn to Echofon if it gets stupid on me.

Oh by the way i blame #SigurRos for this. Playing all the vids here before the concert this fri. If you are in Singapore, HIGHLY recommended to go. We'll have a meet up! (Post and Vidcast)

So... oh yah. Go mobile.

wow the thunder/wind and the #sigurRos music and re-entering twitter... what a mix

OK on mobile now. Yay one more follower! when was the last time this felt important on Twitter :)


ARGH!! one thing i must do is DISABLE receiving email whenever someone follows me. It's not the same as on ADN, since i do not want @amandailiketodocrazythings to follow me and get notified by it lol!

Aaah.......... feels good. Save changes :)

No Email

huh. First time i'm seeing this. i might be a bit old school, but i thought the "Followed by __" in someone's pop out profile summary was intentional on the user's part, cos i saw that on ADN. Hmm.....

Aaaaaaaaaaaand keeping to tradition, @po decides to be the first to @ mention me on the "new" twitter lol! Better still, i didn't even tweet anything yet haha. You're such a bot!

Anyway can't remember who posted this link of a 5by5 convo about how Twitter is. Yups, it has been messy for a while now. hmm... Where can we go... hmmmmmmmmmm

Somewhere around the 30 min mark btw

haha ok so this is a @marco and @dan podcast. Yeah... that's how it is over in TT land. But i'm going back in.

Alright, i donno what else to do, now that i'm back on Twitter. Hmm.... Not going to follow recommended, because, well, you can;t possibly know what i like now. Hmm... I'll think up of what to say for the first tweet. Will give this a rest for a bit...

To be continued...

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