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ok to repost the post which i reposted (!) about the first official @adn podcast

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I guess I'll do something similar to what i did during the ADN #hackathon, give the timings and what not to key moments in the podcast. From my #notadeveloper perspective of course. Everyone loves a TLDR right?

Anyway here are the rough transcripts from @po and @33mhz. It's hilarious as well to read! "I am going Mrs. Dalton Caldwell" "I had to go in the stall to call well"

So anyway...

0.00 - Hello Hello how how who who.. @dalton does intros and all.

1.30 - Brief history how started out

2.03 - Goal of podcast

2.25 - API updates 1: Edit profile

3.20 - 2: Interactions

4.04 - 3: User annotations

5.53 - 4: Stream Markers

6.45 - 5: Post annotations (auto translations?!) Open to devs to build on

8.11 - 6: @Orian joins ADN as a developer advocate! (how did i miss this. Congrats man! Good pick @dalton ^^)

8.47 - 7: Private Messages in the future (YAY!)

End of API talk

9.05 - ADN Growth and User numbers. Koality Koality Koality ( ^^ @elyse)

4 months ago, this was a blog post.

13.30 - Developing a fantastic out-of-the-box experience. Nicer frontpage, directory, finding friends and search, great apps across platforms Developers developers developers! lol

17.20 - Case studies of slow but steady growth model: Dropbox, Pinterest, Twitter Credit to @ben for building a very simple yet usable interface :)

18:30 - "In it for the long haul" Allow devs to innovate.

End Growth talk

19.00 - Q&As (summarized)

19.16 - @huw: Any more products based on ADN API?

20.37 - @failgunner: How will ADN innovate?

22.26 - @jaredcwhite: Subsidizing account creation fees?

23.57 - @scruffyfox: What is ADN written in, and how you manage databases?

fwiw i loved Imeem.

26.21 - @ur: How do you organise yourself, workflow, roadmap, etc? (Bite-sized tasks always work)

28.34 - @simon_w: Roadmap for API, and with users?

End Q&As

30.17 - Closing with appeal for feedback. Especially for format / how to make this a valuable use of your time. Alright that's about it. Thanks @dalton and the @adn gang for the podcast. Users always wanna hear what's up, especially the non-devs.


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