The Cumulative Human Conciousness

Friday, November 16, 2012 – 33 views

— by nitinkhanna

When I was writing my previous #longpost about caring for your eyes, I decided to add an example about my life in Colorado, near the Rockies.

As I was typing it out, I realized that we, all of us posting on ADN, reply and linking, are adding to the collective best described as the cumulative human consciousness. We're all creating a source from where an infinite amount of experience can be derived. You've seen this happen inadvertently on twitter and on Wikipedia, knowingly. You've seen them become sources where data and knowledge collide to create moments of truth which could not have been predicted five years ago by even a project as ambitious as SETI.

I am truly amazed at this. I'm proud to be a part of this collective. I could have easily changed the reference of the Rockies to "the mountains" I live near. But I did not. Throughout history, the best accounts are those that are specific. Even if the author is writing in a language that is now dead, it is more valuable to us as it is than if the author had translated it to a hundred different languages. That value, of specificity, of localized information, adds to make our knowledge complete, instead of making our information generic and thus, drab. I am glad that all of your share what you've thought, ate, seen, heard or read today because in the grander scheme of things, these little things add up and create what we can fervently call Humanity.

*This post is not complete. As and when I get more ideas, I will be posting it to my personal blog.

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