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Friday, November 16, 2012 – 295 views

— by jazzychad

I am a man of many side-projects. For the last six years, it has been rare for me not to have at least one side-project going outside of my main tasks at work. All of my side-projects have been related to programming some sort of thing.

If you read my interview on the blog, you'll know I have the "One New Thing" rule for side-projects. For each new project, there must be at least one part that I don't know how to do. This forces me to keep learning new things as I create projects.

Lately I have realized I have so many old side-projects that I'm juggling that I probably shouldn't be creating more software for a while. Plus, I'm pretty constantly swamped at work leading the mobile division of Exec - it's hard to have too many side-projects at an early-stage startup... there's just too much to be done.

The New Thing

So, I have decided that my next side-project won't be one focused on programming. It needs to be a new hobby for self-betterment and also adhere to the "One New Thing" rule. To that end, I have decided to take up Bridge. At this moment, I am a complete novice. However, I have made it a goal to gain a Life Master ranking (timeline tbd). I love whist card games, and Bridge is a game I have long wanted to play seriously.

I'm not fooling myself about "no coding" during this side-project hiatus. I imagine I will end up coding my own Bridge bidding training engine because current software I've found is pretty lacking.

Old Things

What does this mean for Adian and LongPosts? Well, Adian was pretty much dead as soon as Netbot was released, and Felix is a very strong contender for top iOS client as well (both are certainly much sexier). I will continue to develop Adian as I see fit to add features I want (like private messaging when those APIs are released), otherwise it should be considered DOA.

LongPosts is more of an experiment. It hasn't seen great traction or use, so I'm not too motivated to continue development very heavily. Long-form posts are more difficult to create than bite-sized posts of ADN or Twitter, so it makes sense that not many long posts are created day-to-day. Maybe I'll open-source it eventually, but please don't badger me about it because I don't respond well to that.

Moving Forward

I'm looking forward to having more personal downtime. I'm looking forward to participating on ADN more as a community member than as a developer competing for user mind-share and developer incentive dollars. I'm looking forward to letting my mind be more creative by playing more games, solving puzzles, drawing, doing origami, cooking, watching more cartoons, and just walking around aimlessly. Here's to the future.

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