Adobe Premiere Transcribe is a Tool, not a Solution

Thursday, November 15, 2012 – 265 views

— by 33mhz

I tried using it to transcribe the first Podcast, and this is what it came up with for the beginning:

Adobe Premiere Transcription

[Speaker Unknown] I had to go in the stall to call well in an interview see the first episode the official dot net context so this is my first time of forty one in the sink so low I've been I've been a guest on if you ask for but Mrs this is therefor shot a plane so so please bear with me um this preserve the first topic of what went on here which is why are we doing it official that context um and services this is based on the key to that that I've seen running up to myself basically everytime I go into a podcast interview with someone on I immediately see feedback of people to listen to it going on out gunned and out reply me like a golden while pre interview of making you a lot more inside...

It is a handy tool for editors, as they can jump to different clips based on the text, but as a dedicated transcriber, it is worse than Google Voice. @po's transcription via is much cleaner, though a different kind of wonky. :P Transcription

Hi how’s it going, this is Dalton Caldwell and I’m introducing the first episode of the official podcast. So this is the first time of running one of these things solo. I’ve been a guest on a few podcasts before but this is our first shot at flying solo so please bear with me. That brings me to the first topic I want to talk about here which is “why are we doing that official podcast?”. I would say this is based on the data that I’ve seen running myself basically, every time I go into a podcast interview with someone. I immediately see feedback of people to listen to it going on and @-replying me like “Hey @Dalton great interview that gave me a lot more insight...

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