My first Android

Sunday, November 11, 2012 – 84 views

— by sham

Ok i'm dashing in :)


Man, this phone is the fastest I've used thus far. I thought it was due to LTE but that won't kick in till tomorrow. Really impressive. Anyway first app downloaded: Dash for

Testing phone browser. First stop: Loads pretty quickly on WiFi. And scrolling is smooth too.

Test YouTube video. Watched angry birds Star Wars

Looks like that'll be the 2nd app I'll get from the store. Again, video loads almost immediately. And very crisp HD quality.

Testing phone game. As smooth as iphone no surprise. But holy ewoks angry birds star wars is a MUST download for Android. Superb storyline and new powers. Brilliant

Haha I can't stop playing with the phone and the auto correct is very NOT irritating. These kind of suggestions for spelling and words for sentence construction is welcoming.

Alright time to take some pictures to test

Quality of image, acceptable. Unfortunately the dash app won't let me upload. (edit: Fixed)

Anyway, say hello to Andy :)

Andy - Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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