Markdown for Dummies

Thursday, November 08, 2012 – 254 views

— by stevecs

Learning Markdown For Dummies

I am the dummy, for all these years I have been around on the Internet I have never really got to grips as to what makes it work in the background. I have played around with blogging tools on various platforms and yet I have never really bothered to find out how all the code comes together that makes it work as I have always been blessed with the abillity to switch on the WYSIWYG editor and then just click post.

So I decided to learn something and as I did the rounds it seems that Markdown could just be the thing for me. Now I guess that people reading this will be going WTF Markdown? are you sure and my reply will be Yes I am sure. Do I need to learn HTML CSS etc etc etc these days as there really is a multitude of useful tools out there that does it all for you but I just feel I wanted to learn something and Markdown seems to be at the level I want to learn and will ever need.

So what am I going to do next?

  1. learn Markdown
  2. Use Markdown as much as I can where possible

Simple yes? hopefully as from what I can gather is that if I can't master this then I may just as well give up.

Any suggestions on where I can play?

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