Arq 3: How I lost confidence in my backup software

Tuesday, November 06, 2012 – 1068 views

— by racemase

I am a long time Arq user. I use it since 1.x days to backup 100 gigs of important data (private documents, pictures of my kids, and music) to Amazon S3.
I use it as my fourth backup method. All my data is stored on my internal HDD. The most important files are on dropbox, too. (Which than syncs to two Macs and the cloud). Additionally I have an hourly time machine backup of all my files, followed by a monthly CCC backup to an external HDD, which I take with me to the office as an off-site backup. So, actually I think I don't need another set of data in the cloud but it just makes me feel better and costs me roughly 15 € a month. Anyway, I was really excited to hear that Arq 3 now supports Amazon's Glacier . A much cheaper (0,01 $ per GB) storage solution. So I was happy to pay 15 $ for the upgrade - I would save the same amount in just one month due to switching to Glacier.

But the upgrade experience made me a sad customer today.

First, there was no hint in the release notes within the app that it will be a paid upgrade. I knew it but not everybody reads will do. A serious developer should not forget those things. Second, after installing the upgrade it told me that the trial ran out. Okay, I wanted to buy it anyway. But it would have been nice if there was a way to test it for a few days before being forced to buy it. Then I tried to checkout via Paypay - it was offered just within a dialog box in Arq 3. I was lead to the standard Haystack Software store site and the only option was to buy the full price version. After starting from scratch and choosing the option to pay via credit card (what I usually try to avoid), I got the full version.

So I wanted to move my data from S3 to Glacier. I think a lot upgraders want to do this. But there is no way to achieve this easily. Okay, amazon does not support it natively but Arq 3 could. What about uploading your backed up data to Glacier and after it was successfully uploaded delete S3? No option. Okay, I'll do it by myself. But of course it is not allowed to add an already existing drawer to Arq 3. I really have to delete 100 GIG of date BEFORE I can back it up to Glacier again. WTF?! This is a backup software!=!=!
Anyways, I have lots of redundant backups. I'll start from scratch witch Arq 3. And then this happened:

Arq 3 error message

I am done with this software.

PS: Sure, somewhere I just have to login, register, get some credentials, fill them in somewhere in the app blablahbla, or just wait for an .1 release. But this is really not what I have expected from a "simple - it just works" backup software.

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