Link Entity Rendering Examples in Different Clients

Monday, October 29, 2012 – 135 views

— by jazzychad

ADN gives developers the ability to linkify text within a post to point to an external URL in addition to the normal way of adding links to posts which is just to paste the URL into the post itself.

See for example one of my posts on ADN:

If developers, using the API, look at this post, this is what they will see:


There is an "entities" section (with a deeper "links" section) that allows developers to correctly linkify parts of the post to point to other webpages.

Currently, some clients do this correctly, some clients don't do it at all, and some do it incorrectly. Here are a few examples:

Alpha (Correct)


Adian (Correct)


Felix (Correct)


Noodleapp (Missing)


Noodleapp is rendering the text of the post, just not linkifying the text. The "" portion is linked, but it only goes to "" and not to the actual post URL set in the link entity.

Netbot (Wrong)


Netbot is currently replacing the text in the post with the URL from the link entity. This removes context from the post and just leaves the url there for people to figure out what it means.

Since normal URLs work in every client, I'm using plain URLs for now instead of using link entities because getting people to the external webpage is the goal of posting a link anyway.

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