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Sunday, October 28, 2012 – 492 views

— by sham

Each post is paragraph. Each thread is an article. Each repost is a quote. Each link is a reference. Each mention is a comment. Each reply is an update. Bring them all together, and you got yourself a blog.

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Consistently export data. Have a routine to archive and protect your posts. Maybe a personal #ExportFriday (or #BackUpFri)

Be disciplined with your housekeeping. Refrain from replying to your posts, unless it's from outside the thread. That way you'll manage the clutter. Be conscious of replying to the correct thread to avoid confusion. This will keep your ideas flowing.

Take your time. You can always come back to the thread and add on. Even if you don't reply. people's comments give you different perspectives, making your future posts more dynamic. Listen to some @music and get your story straight.

Oh, and stay social in real life.

I guess an example is in order. I'll use @storify to show what i mean.

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