This is why ADN isn't just a twitter clone

Sunday, October 28, 2012 – 295 views

— by erikschmidt

It was LongPosts (formerly ADNblog) itself that prompted me to state in my first LongPost, "This is why ADN isn't just a twitter clone." Chat Etzel - (aka @jazzychad) created something I'd never seen in the twitterverse, and something that I doubt will be seen there any time in the forseeable future, given twitter's newly-applied business model. LongPosts a really spiffy exploration of the sorts of things you can do with ADN. It's also the kind of thing twitter is now squashing with a mallet.

Adam Fields (@fields) then asked me for some examples to back up my assertion. Other folks jumped in, and an interesting discussion ensued. Adam's question is a valid one, and after thinking about it for a bit, here are the the most important reasons why I feel ADN is not a twitter clone:

One more note: Short messaging systems have been with us for decades. It is easy to fixate on the fact that Alpha looks a lot like twitter, but to me that is the least important point of comparison. It is also one that is likely to shift as ADN evolves and expands in directions that twitter (because of it's business model) cannot follow.

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