Media Backbone

Saturday, October 27, 2012 – 29 views

— by 33mhz

If @adn isn't providing backbone for file uploads and media, should a developer provide the service to other devs and the community?

The best experience for the user would be for them to sign up for one file service, like we do for one Then when the customer used any client that needed file storage, the client would use that central location. Users wouldn't have to pay for a Premium version of the client - $3 here, $2 there, over and over. It would just be $10, $20 for the year.

The central location would give kickbacks to devs whose users use it for the premium version.

That is a solution from the developers... Is this not supposed to be handled by itself, though? If they are to be our data utility, what kind of throughput is more than they intend to provide?

How about we start providing pictures by including them in the URI? :P

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