Ideas for ADN Blog's Future

Saturday, October 27, 2012 – 39 views

— by jazzychad

Taking a quick break from work to capture some ideas about ADN Blog's features. Most of these are inspired by community feedback:

I don't foresee this becoming an incredibly feature-packed service or a Tumblr-like replacement in the near-term. I want it to be simple and elegant with few distractions.

Heavier features like RSS and multimedia are much more difficult to do while trying to use ADN as the data hosting infrastructure. Doing RSS feeds for each author, for example, would be an incredibly painful set of API calls to ADN to create the proper feed data.

I just want to create a publishing platform that is easy, fun, fast, and not intimidating to use. My own personal blog suffers from lack of content because the process of writing has too much friction. I'm writing this post here (instead of my own blog) because it is much easier to do!

I have no timeline for development. I'm fully employed and don't have much free time lately. I'll be rolling off of a huge project in the next couple weeks, so I might have some more time to play, but ultimately this will be a long-term side-project that I will continue based on community usage and feedback. Initial feedback is very positive, but usage is low. I'm willing to add a few more features to see if it will grow legs.

I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments/replies :)

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