#MMOs and Me

Friday, October 26, 2012 – 10 views

— by snipergirl

So I'm back to playing #MMOs. Well, when I say "back", I never really started. I had a brief stint of #WoW about 6 months after it launched, at a time when mind-numbing routine was something I needed to take my mind off horrible, serious things. I bought #GuildWars but never really played it. I actually really enjoyed the little of #FallenEarth that I played, despite its rough edges, bugs and #Metascore in the mid-60s.

Something about the boring nature of quests (killing x number of creatures for no obvious reason; playing fetch) in #MMORPGs never really appealed to me (funny that). Plus, the gameplay never really felt right. There were some really annoying contrivances that no-one ever seemed to want to fix in newer games.

What I was really excited about playing, then, were #SWtoR and #GuildWars2. Except it became obvious quite early on that I didn't quite have the graphics capability to play either effectively.

And now, I finally do. And I'm really enjoying the experience!

I'll never be a hardcore #MMO addict like the friends of mine who've disappeared into their #NerdCave and emerged with some kind of life partner who they met in the course of their online #life (and later promptly divorce). But I'm quite happy to #chillax occasionally online, casually popping some caps into #Jedi ass, or hammering the shit out of a Son of #Svanir.

Awesome Saucesome!

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