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Monday, October 22, 2012 – 56 views

— by nitinkhanna

@balapagos needs some clarification on something and here it is. #Alpha, the first product to come out of ADN, isn't the end-game. It's not the only thing ever to come out of ADN. It's just one of the social networks. So I expect other apps and services to pop-up that have nothing to do with #Alpha to pop-up.

For example, QuickCommunities has public communities that post every single post back to #Alpha. But there are and will be some communities that will not post back to #Alpha. They will still store their data in the ADN stream, you will just not see it on #Alpha. Similarly, #Patter has chat rooms that store all their data on the ADN infrastructure but none of that ever shows up on #Alpha. This is by design. They set an annotation called machine_only that tells #Alpha and all it's clients - #rivr, #netbot and #Hooha to not show that stuff.

The point is that someone out there wants to make an app that has nothing to do with micro-blogging. It'll be a photo sharing app, a blogging platform or maybe even just a community to talk about Apple's stock prices. But they don't want to host everything on their own and bear the cost of servers and networks and cool iOS apps. So, they'll host everything on ADN. They'll effectively create a social network on top of this social network, allowing users to experience something completely new, without having to worry that the bill will be too much.

The catch? Only ADN users will be able to use these services(*). That's because they paid for them. They paid to be part of not some social network, but to be part of an infrastructure that enables social networks.

Think about it like this - You joined Facebook and so did so many of your friends. After you joined, you were able to send each other messages, chat, see profiles and photos, play games together and enjoy talking about cats and babies. Did someone ever say you can't do all of this on some other network? No. You chose to be there. Now suppose some developer (like Dalton), makes an app on top of Facebook and calls it Babygram. You can share all your baby pics on it and see it from within Facebook and comment on and share other's pics. But all of that data is kept on Facebook's servers. That would be nice, right? Not quite. Facebook wants you to share all those pics on their own system. They want you to use Facebook albums and Facebook photos. Why? Because that's where Facebook puts ads. On Dalton's app, Dalton decides what the ads are but on Facebook's apps, the decision in Mark's. So Mark will not allow Dalton to piggyback on his network.

But that's not true for ADN. JazzyChad has made an awesome blogging platform. But he doesn't need it to have anything to do with #Alpha. He can ask you to pay for it, store all the data on ADN but no one on #Alpha needs ever know about it. He can, for that matter make invite-only and Dalton won't say a thing. Why? Coz JazzyChad paid for it.

So, the clarification is simple - Don't assume everything being built on or around #Alpha has anything to do with #Alpha. It can be a completely different product that you might have to pay for all over again(**) and Dalton won't say a thing.

*That's what I heard last. The decision on whether or not to allow non-ADN members to use ADN services is being discussed somewhere on Github. If I'm wrong, please correct me (@nitinkhanna)

** You all paid for Netbot, didn't you? (Suckers! I still use #rivr)


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