The First(?) Official ADN #Hackathon October 20-21 2012

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— by sham

Alright gonna start going through whatever happened yesterday...


Setting up the must-haves: Ustream link (thanks @ranti)
Choose this and go to somewhere 10 min in. This should be the final part of the whole #hackathon, and it's 1 hr long. so....

First up - @q Talking about Vidcast (with @duerig) -inspired by #MondayNightDanceParty or #MNDP. @jdscolam should be aware of this. #QC is at this link and #Patter at this link. Let's do this

Vidcast is here

Sorry @ryantharp's Chatview is also involved in this collaboration. Basically these 3 guys have ventured into the chatting aspect of ADN for quite a while now. Seems appropriate (and logical) that they come together in this. OK carrying on...

Ryan's Chatview is here

aha. so Dave had been DJ-ing the music the whole time. Testing while having the tunes on is quite a good idea. Always.

I had a feeling it's about time the designers come in and polish up the wonderful apps that has been played around with. I'm ok with it looking all prototype-y, but a few touch-ups will help in the aesthetics area. If you are one, @q is looking for ya.

Polling requests. Yes.

ok 17:51 in, Dave is done. Very exciting stuff, especially since i saw them working on it live on Saturday, and lurked in while they're having a "private" patter room. lol private?! Anyway... Time for next dev

20:35 in - @andrewshmidt and @ketan is up. Tackling favourites with Pigeonhole, by adding tags to it. Sorting out posts from here on out? Yes please. Let's watch...

Curating my own list of tags. Definitely. Since i'm already using them to send ifttt to wherever (not TT), or tagging my threads. It is an app for now, but seems the other apps can use it too But i like the swiping of the post to reveal tagging options.

Short and Sweet. Looks simple yet useful. 25:57 High fives all around. Next up, steve.

26:20 @stevestreza reveals #Apparchy to take ADN API and use it in other places. Link here

woah. What did i just watch...

Twitter and ADN combined. This will be such a draw. No wonder he gets giggles from the devs. Straight from the #Apparchy demo. Now... only happens at #hackathon. Release the Kraken

Huge applause for steve. You can almost see everyone smiling. Next up...

56 viewers reported. Not bad for a "small-ish" event. People should be chatting on Patter, if this is the same Live! room they used for #hackathon

32:30 @abraham starts by showing how he's experimenting with the profile page. lots of code. and highlights one line. Don't know the name of his work yet.

Check out a sample.

Simple change in code, will allow you to add a Follow button on your website. Clicking on it (after authenticating) will allow you to change the Follow status on Alpha as well.

35:35 @jazzychad gets the limelight with #ADNBlogs /watches closely.

Looks very nice)

The preview section is very useful, especially for someone who has basic knowledge of Markdown. Simple title, text box. I could really use this after my threading session. I guess I should use that for this thread.

8000 character limit. And adding images inside. That i wanna know how to.

An example of an #adnblog, done by @andi242 and another by @franksting who was at the #hackathon. Here's one with images embedded (during demo)

So what is markdown? @jazzychad explains here

Did my own #adnblog yesterday before the reveal. The fonts are quite appealing, though options to change it would be good too

Ok next up... hmmm

Time for the Millionaire spammer @tonymillion and Rivr! Watch @kosso's coverage of the race to capture post 1000000. simply hilarious. Or listen to the running commentary

41:40 Tony talks about geolocation

Pinch in and out of maps, see who's around you, tap on one, and it will open up in foursquare

hmm Explore?

Aha, go to anywhere and see who's chatting in Bristol for example, tap on that and....... it opens up the conversation. That is cool innovation.

Now Tony is really putting lots of functions into the Rivr app. Already on the forefront since day 1, this would make it an even more enticing download. Hopefully my 3GS can handle the processing needed.

44:20 Next up @jb

Apologies. @a_band is up, with Josh in the background

App that deals with the timeline conversation, with views. etc. Similar to iChat. Not much to show yet, but gonna be launched next month or so. Andrew: What is it called? Levi: You can find it on ADN if you follow. Alright then

Alright that's it. Oh one more thing... (^^)

@dalton's turn. obviously. 46:10 #hackathon

Oh before that just a shout out to @jb for creating Droplr. Totally awesome stuff. ok back to the founder...

47:05 Big applause to @storify definitely. Already very useful to the educator's already, and we're still using it for the #edsg chats. Landing the election gig was a big win for them too. Clogged the system then lol.

And for them to come into ADN so early and hosting this #hackathon shows their commitment to the "project". Users, Devs and Founders huge props to @storify for this. And it's cool that your name has now become a verb synonymous to googling.

"Thanks for being part of the community" Well said Mr Caldwell.

Show ends at 48 min. @orian thanks for the awesome coverage behind the camera man. You still owe us that dance haha.

And now... devs go back to work. What else would they do :)

Time to play with what they've produced.

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