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— by nitinkhanna

So, this is an early version of what an ADN blogging tool looks like. Interesting.

This is very basic. No post-publishing editing, no fancy tools, no eidgets. Which probably means that mistake I made in the previous sentence will remain there.

This is good because it displays the power of ADN. It shows that an infrastructure can be used to build almost anything as long as the devs and users are the real customers. No one will build a blogging engine for twitter because it doesn't make sense. Someone (@jazzychad) built a blogging engine for ADN because there's the opportunity to build it without thinking 2 years down the line that in hindsight, this was a bad idea. (I hope these words remain eternally true)

Besides, what's one going to do with all that space? 256 chars is a lot! :)


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