Threading + ADNBlogs could be the key

Sunday, October 21, 2012 – 17 views

— by sham

Composing this from my 4S in the carpark after an infant's birthday party.

Few things I wanna test out and maybe suggest: How this handles Markdown, how it formats my posts Can it link to my own site? Will the whole blog just be a Link to global?

The preview below is awesome (if I can only include a screenshot of it)

Some things I find while threading with ADN as opposed to just blogging and sending link:

Interaction in between posts in the thread makes the blog come alive.

Sending just the url of the Original Post of the thread is sufficient to see the whole "blog"

Can we have the option of including Blog in a QC?

Threaded posts mentioning people allows them to directly influence the flow of the blogging process, plus people's random comments makes the experience more engaging

Basically, threading is Live blogging. If ADNblogs can differentiate itself from other similar blogging sites (eg I can always ifttt a tumblr blog to my ADN) that would be awesome.

Will test more when the hackathon guys get back to business. And sobering up lol

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