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Sunday, October 21, 2012 – 14 views

— by franksting

When you are literally in a City for 36 hours and that includes two nights, you have to try and fit a lot in during your waking hours. Especially when one of those nights includes a recovery session from 24 hours of travel. So a walk around San Francisco Bay from the Port Building to Fort Mason seemed like a good way to take in the beautiful scenery. Starting it with some great breakfast at the Farmers Market in the Port Building was also a good idea. Ending up in Union Street Cow Hollow unable to choose between cafes and bars meant a quick climb up Octavia and Laguna Streets to Lafayette Park ended the vista's across the bay. A quick trip back down the hill to Polk St found me what seemed like a good coffee shop in Royal Grounds, where the free wifi was more than good enough to allow a FaceTime call with my girls back in Sydney. The Wifi also allowed me to get a few tips from ex-locals and frequent visitors. Being almost Beer O'Clock, I chose the suggestion of Lefty O'Douls near Union Square. This of course took me on another long walk, but that was okay as I knew an ale was at the end. A couple of Anchor Porters followed, accompanied by good chat by fellow wanderers Jake and Brian who funnily enough both came from near Fresno. Which seems to be from how they spoke, second only to Reno in the places you don't want to live list. Either way we spoke, as is required in real Irish bars, about everything including Religion, Sport and Politics before we all finally up sticks and went our separate ways. Walk number 3 then took me down to 9th street and Storify offices where this new Social Network Service, is having a Hackathon for the weekend. I must say meeting up with some of the developers of the apps currently being created was pretty good. Fervent wouldn't begin to describe some of the ideas being implemented around ADN. This of course includes what I am using to type and submit this piece - developed in less than a day by the guy responsible for iOS app Adian. And a final walk took me back to the apartment I've stayed at for two nights. I really should have measured how much I walked today, but I think it would be fair to say 9 or 10 kilometres - or as they say over here, 5 or 6 miles. Short visits are busy, the next time I'm back, I might slow the pace make it closer to 36 days than 36 hours and enjoy more of the nightlife...

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